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Flowgorithm features the following:

  • Easy to understand output
  • Graphical variable watch window
  • Interactively generate code (for 16+ languages)
  • Safe recursion
  • Loops, arrays, and flexible expressions
  • Multilingual support
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you plan to add Break and Return statements?

No. Flowgorithm adheres to the "one way in, one way out" principle to structured programming. In other words, there should only be one flow into a function and one flow out.  This concept was championed with the birth of structured programming. At the time, most programs implement control flow using the GoTo Statement. While useful, it lead to difficult to understand programs.

Some programming languages - such as C and Java - have statements like Break, Continue, and Return. All of these are, in fact, hidden GoTo Statements. Break Statements are necessary in the C and Java due to how the Switch Statement works. However, many languages lack all three. 

2. Do you plan to add multimedia features?

No. One of the goals of Flowgorithm is to be able to generate code from a flowchart. To support as many programming languages as possible, the functionality of Flowgorithm has to be limited. Since audio, graphics, etc.... are not supported by all programming languages, Flowgorithm don't support them.

3. What shapes might be added in future versions?

Eventually, the following shapes might be added:

  • File processing
  • Named Constants

4. When will a Macintosh and Linux version be available?

I plan to work on the Linux and Macintosh versions. However, I don't have an estimate of when this will be.