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Revision History - 2020

Version 2.26

Version 2.25.1 (September 24, 2020)

  • The Color Scheme Editor now remembers the name of the file being edited. So, if the window is closed, it retain the name when re-opened.
  • Fixed a bug in the Console Window. When the output is displayed as text-only, the Console Window wasn't using a monospace font. This made it difficult for students to create ASCII-art style programs. Special thanks to Kim Mönch for reporting this

Version 2.25.0 (September 12, 2020)

  • The function dropdown was redesigned. The new design uses the toolbar control's dropdown and also includes an "Add New Function" button.
  • The About Window was redesigned. 
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed a bug that cause the application to crash if the background was double-clicked.
    • Expressions now work correctly for unary operators. If the unary operator was used as the first symbol in an expression, it was being flagged as a syntax error. Special thanks to Petr Vanecek, Ph. D. for reporting this.
    • Line continuation on output not working. Special thanks to Petr Vanecek, Ph. D. for reporting this.

Version 2.24.2 (July 30, 2020)

  • Fixed some type-conversion bugs. The bugs were caused when Flowgorithm was used by systems that use a comma as the decimal separator.
  • The Console Window now saves content if the window is closed.
  • Added a button to the mail toolbar that will open the Console Window. Before, this option was only available from the menu.
  • Made internal changes in preparation to the port to Xamarin.

Version 2.24.1 (July 11, 2020) - Quick Bug Fix

  • Fixed a bug that causes issues on some international versions of Windows. Special thanks to Roberto Atzori for reporting this!

Version 2.24.0 (July 11, 2020)

  • Added support for Catalan - special thanks to Roger Calders.
  • Added support for Swedish - special thanks to Anders Nordqvist.
  • Flowgorithm now supports Unicode operators. Most mathematical operators are not supported directly by classic ASCII. So, they are represented in most programming languages using a series of characters: != for ≠, <= for ≤, etc... The Unicode character set supports the correct notation. In Flowgorithm, you can use these operators or the classic ones. Each are considered "synonyms".  Please see the Documentation for more information. These include:
    • Comparison operators: ≠, ≤, ≥
    • Logical operators: ¬, ∧, ∨
    • Algebra operators: ×, ÷
    • Pi constant: π
  • The vertical distance between the top of the If Statement (diamond), and the start of the left-and-right branches, was decreased slightly.
  • The vertical distance between the top of the For Loop and While loop, and the start of the blocks, was decreased slightly.
  • There were major internal revisions in preparation for the move to Xamarin. These, for the most part, are completely invisible. They include:
    • revised console which reacts much faster than before
    • new expression parser that supports Unicode operators
    • new XML file reader

Version 2.23.1 (May 30, 2020)  - Minor update

  • Fixed a few minor mistakes in Transact-SQL generated code.
  • Other, very minor, cosmetic changes.

Version 2.23.0 (May 27, 2020)

  • Added an intrinsic function ln. This function is an alias to log which computes the natural log of a number. The new function was added to make it easier for instructors (who may strongly prefer ln).
  • Added a prescanner. The scanner will alert the user about undeclared variables and incomplete shapes. This takes place when the Step or Run buttons are pressed, but before the program beings to run. This way, one of the most common run-time errors (and aggravating ones) can be eliminated.
  • Comment shapes now trim extra spaces before they are displayed to the screen. This doesn't affect the actual comment text.
  • A "Change Translation Button" was added to the main toolbar.
  • There were some minor cosmetic changes to the Change Translation Window
  • When a new color scheme is selected in the Color Scheme Editor, the colors for Incomplete, Error, Selected, and Executing now have a default color.
  • Ada 95, Applescript, Bash, and Transact-SQL were added the Source Code Viewer.
  • Source Code Viewer bug fixes:
    • Fixed some bugs in the templates for JavaScript, TypeScript, and MatLab.
    • Improved the StrToReal function in the Fortran.
    • Fixed PowerShell casting.
    • Added ToFixed to Pascal.
    • Cleaned up PHP template. In particular, number_format() is built into PHP.