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Revision History - 2019

Version 2.22.1  (July 21, 2019)

  • Bug fix: The Download Color Scheme window wasn't scaling correctly.
  • The Download Schemes icon (which is displayed below the scheme dropdown), was updated slightly.
  • The Color Scheme Editor no longer allows a "copy all" from Breakpoint or Lines. It didn't make much sense since the don't have all three properties.

Version 2.22  (July 13, 2019)

  • New feature! Color schemes can now be downloaded directly from the website.
  • New feature! Color schemes were improved. The colors used in the Variable Watch Window can now be customized.  Beforehand, colors were simply "borrowed" from other elements.
  • Many of the built-in color schemes were modified - albeit quite slightly.
  • Function name dropdown, in the main Window, was improved.  
  • When the Auto Layout feature is used, the subwindows will now aggressively set their Z-Order. This means that if they will become visible if behind other windows.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • The meta data fields for Argument Type Errors were not working properly for user-defined functions. This means that the "about" section of the error window wasn't producing helpful information.
    • The array declaration for C++, in the Source Code Window, was fixed.
    • The little "X" on the Color Scheme Editor window preview frame, was fixed. It disappeared in the last version.
  • Added a Wait on Error feature. This can only be set from the registry and will control if the Errro Window will wait a couple seconds before allowing the close button to be clicked.
  • Source Code Viewer will display a blank line (with index 0) for an empty program. This is completely cosmetic.

Version 2.21.1 (March 14, 2019)

  • Many of the supported languages, in the Source Code Viewer, were improved slightly. These changes only affect minor cosmetic issues such as spacing.
  • Fixed a bug in the Source Code Viewer. The colors were not being set correctly when the program was being stepped through.

Version 2.21 (March 10, 2019)

  • Added support for Croatian - special thanks to Marin Grubišić.
  • Nim programming language was added to the Source Code Viewer.
  • Python generated code was improved.
  • The "Pad Code" feature of the Source Code Viewer was changed. Before, the button would control if text contained additional special above and below each line. This feature wasn't really used for color when highlighting was active. Now, button controls whether the source code will contain logical blank lines for readability. They are added after Declare Statements and before comments.
  • Bug fixes:
    • When an error occurs - due to a shape being Incomplete, the system was highlighting the previous shape. Special thanks to Paul Gardner for reporting this.
    • When a type mismatch error occurred, the system wasn't translating the name of the data type. Special thanks to Marin Grubišić for reporting this.
    • The ToInteger() and ToReal() functions would not accept a string  that start with "+". Generally, programming langauges will accept this format. Thanks to Javier Urbina for reporting this.
    • The mouse wheel was allowing the Source Code Viewer to scroll when it shouldn't - i.e. the scrollbars are inactive.

Version 2.20 (February 12, 2019)

  • Fortran 2003 programming language was added to the Source Code Viewer.
  • MATLAB programming language was added to the Source Code Viewer.
  • The Italian translation was improved. Special thanks to Riccardo Scorretti.
  • Many of the generated languages, in the Source Code Viewer, were improved:
    • C# - A few careless typos were fixed. In particular, these mistakes were the failure to capitalize System and Main, to name a few. Special thanks to Dave Braunschweig for reporting this.
    • JavaScript - The input and output helper functions were replaced with direct calls to Window.alert and Window.prompt.
    • Perl - Whenever an array is passed into a function, the code now uses a "dereferencing" variable for easier to maintain (and readable) code.
    • Swift - The named arguments will now properly match the called functions parameters.
    • Powershell - The code can be now be displayed in aligned or hanging styles.
  • A bug in the function manager was fixed. The system would sometimes report that a parameter was a duplicate name, when it was not.

Version 2.19 (January 15, 2019)

  • Added support for Ukrainian - special thanks to Vitalii Shpytiak.
  • Improved GUI support for right-to-left languages - such as Farsi (Persian) and Arabic. The some of the controls were not being mirrored in the windows - in, particular, the GroupBox, TabPage, and Panel. The system now manually mirrors these controls.
  • The Change Translation Window was improved. Each translation is now represented with a button (albeit a flat one) rather than an item in the list. The icons now also scale with the application. The button on the bottom now contains 'Cancel' rather than 'OK'.
  • The About Window was improved. Each of the contributors, who provided translations, is listed more prominently. The icons now also scale with the application.
  • Some defensive code was added to handle drawing errors.