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Revision History - 2015

Version 1.10.2 (December 24, 2015) 

  • Added support for French - Thanks to François Capon
  • Fixed a typo in the English translation (thanks again to François Capon)
  • Updated the Change Translation and About windows. The languages/names are now displayed in a ListView control.
  • Made some changes to the Add Shape menu so that it loads quicker and, hopefully, with less flicker.
  • Fixed a small flaw in the Edit Comment window. It was displaying an icon and appearing in the Windows Task Bar. This wasn't consistent with the rest of the edit windows. I doubt anyone noticed.

Version 1.10.1 (December 18, 2015) 

  • Modified the Swift code created by the Source Code Viewer. The intrinsic function Random() now maps to the Swift random() function.
  • Made some internal changes so the program loads faster.
  • Some miscellaneous GUI tweaks.

Version 1.10 (December 17, 2015) 

  • Added the ability to control execution speed. The system now supports: Fast, Medium, and Slow. When set to medium or slow, the user can passively watch each shape execute. It essentially works like the user pressing the "Step" button.
  • The behavior of the Play, Step, Pause, and Stop buttons were improved.
  • Added Apple's Swift to the Source Code Viewer.
  • Added a new color scheme: Vibrant.
  • Made some cosmetic changes to the window headers. Now, each draws a line on the top and bottom. The goal was to prevent color clashes with the window's title bar.
  • When the window is resized, it now makes sure it doesn't size it larger than the screen. Before, it was always defaulting to 800x600.
  • Fixed an error in the Italian translation. It was my fault, not the original translator. When I changed the translation file format, I mistranslated "Assignment". Thanks to Roberto Atzori for letting me know.

Version 1.9.2 (November 17, 2015) 

  • Fixed an error that affected parameters displayed in the Edit Function window. The parameters weren't being translated correctly.

Version 1.9.1 (November 15, 2015) 

  • Fixed a typo.

Version 1.9 (November 14, 2015)

  • Addedsupport for Portuguese - Thanks to Jorge Duque.
  • Chart styles:
    • When selecting a chart style and color scheme, the preview image now shows the proper colors and shapes. This preview is used in the Change Chart Style window, Print window, and Export Image window. The "Color Preview" caption was removed since it is no longer needed.
    • Added a new chart style: Default (Descriptive). It is identical to the "Default" chart style, but uses descriptive text on each shape.
    • Added a new color schemes: "Blueprints" and "Sacramento State". Eventually, the application will allow custom color schemes to be created.
  • The current color scheme is now used in dialog windows. In previous versions, the window header background was always blue. With the change, the background color changes for each scheme.
  • The Add Shape popup menu was modified to handle the new color scheme design. Changes include the hover effect as well as the border of the window.
  • Most dialog windows were increased in size.
  • Added a Copy button to the Console Window.
  • Made some internal changes in preparation for a Macintosh/Linux port.
  • Random number generation was improved. This is an internal change.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed a bug in For Loops. The system was not checking the range before executing the first time.
    • Fixed a bug in QBasic generated code. The dollar suffix was missing on the call to MID$.

Version 1.8.2  (October 5, 2015) - Minor Update

  • Fixed some minor translations issues such as failing to put a tooltip on the Functions Dropdown Menu.
  • Made some improvements to Java generated code. In particular, string comparison was fixed.
  • Made some improvements to QBasic generated code.

Version 1.8.1  (October 3, 2015)

  • Added languages:
    • Spanish (Castilian) - Thanks to Rubén Castiñeiras Lorenzo.
    • Galician - Thanks to Rubén Castiñeiras Lorenzo.
    • Italian - Thanks to Riccardo Scorretti
  • Source Code Viewer:
    • QBasic was added.
    • The Java/C++/C# code was improved. Beforehand, it wasn't using the proper Usual Arithmetic Conversions for the algebraic operators. This resulted in unnecessary casting.
  • The modulus operator is no longer restricted to integers.
  • Some buttons and windows were resized. The changes were made to either better accommodate other translations or to simply make the window look better.
  • Bug fixes: If a function was renamed in the Function Manager, the dropdown list wasn't being updated.

Version 1.8  (August 15, 2015) - Major Update

  • Beside English, Flowgorithm now supports multiple spoken languages. Please check out the "Change Language" menu item under Tools. Supported languages include:
    • Chinese - Thanks to 苏晓 .
    • Czech - Thanks to Honza Vaněk.
    • German  - Thanks to Andrej Preradovic.
    • Hungarian - Thanks to  Péter Bernát.
    • Spanish - Thanks to Juan Carlos Rosales Larralde.
  • A new intrinsic functions:
    • ToFixed() will convert a real to a string with fixed number of digits after the decimal point. For example: ToFixed(3.14159265, 2) will return the string "3.14".
    • ToCode() will convert a string into a character code. It is the opposite of ToChar().
  • Registry is used to save settings. If the application is started in Administrator Mode, it will save settings to the Local Computer. This will used as the default for any new users (which are saved to the Current User).
  • Source Code Viewer:
    • Perl was added.
    • When stepping through a program, the window will now keep the current statement visible.
    • Line numbers can now be displayed. To save screen space, the feature is unchecked by default.
    • Lua source code was improved. The source now uses a simple helper function for array access. Lua uses 1-indexing while most languages (including Flowgorithm) uses 0-indexing.
    • The C# and Visual Basic .NET code was changed slightly. The helper functions for inputting values were renamed.
    • If a comment contains multiple lines (the user hit manually added a newline), multiple comments were will be produced.
  • Color schemes and styles:
    • Added several color schemes. These include: Paint, Paint (dark background), Cyberspace, and Retro Computer (1980's EGA color).
    • Added a new style: Classic (Trapezoid). This is a variation of the classic flowchart format which uses trapezoids to represent input/output (rather than using a parallelogram for both).
    • Added a new style: Classic (GOST). This is a slight variation of the classic style that is used in Russia and other states in the vicinity.
    • The Add Shape Pop-up Menu now shows the same shapes as the current flowchart style. Beforehand, it always displayed static images based on the "default" style.
    • The Source Code Viewer, Console Window, and Add Shape Pop-up Window now use the current color scheme.
  • Console Window:
    • The prompt text was moved into a Status Strip.
    • Added a small icon to the Enter Button.
    • If the output is displayed in the text-only format, rather than "chat bubbles", it will be displayed in Courier New.
  • The Variable Watch Window was improved. If the window is wide enough, the variables will be displayed in multiple columns. This feature can be disabled by unchecking the Columns button.
  • The Error Window now shows the "Cause" rather than a more generic "Details" field.
  • The mouse scroll wheel now works with the main window, Source Code Viewer and Console Window.
  • Printing was improved. The color scheme's background color is used on the whole page (rather than just the bounding square for the image).
  • The Layout Windows feature was modified slightly. The "Variables" layout sets the Variable Watch Window at 1/4 of the screen rather than half.
  • Added a Stack Overflow Error. If recursion is being taught (or implemented accidently), the system will prevent a run-away recursive call from taking down the application. Instead, an error message will be displayed. The maximum internal stack size can be get in the registry to a larger value if needed (which should never be the case).
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed a bug that affected For Loops. If the range was incorrect (i.e. it should never execute the block), it was still executing it once.
    • Fixed a JavaScript code error. The code, for retrieving a character from a string, had the two operands switched.
    • Fixed a rare bug with the clipboard. It was possible to copy "zero" shapes to the clipboard.
    • Fixed a bug in generated Python code. Python uses the same Usual Arithmetic Conversions as C, but the code was not converting operands to floats (if needed).
    • Java and C# were not putting the "static" modifier on user-defined functions.
  • Fixed a typo in the Comment Edit Window.

Version 1.7.4 (February 12, 2015) - Minor Update

  • Fixed a few minor spelling errors.
  • The captions were made more consistent throughout the application.

Version 1.7.3 (February 9, 2015)

  • Fixed a rather careless bug with the contextual menu that appears for highlighted shapes. It should just appears after a single right-click. However, it was requiring two clicks. Fortunately, the Control-X, Control-V and delete buttons were working.

Version 1.7.2 (January 19, 2015)

  • Minor changes to some error windows.

Version 1.7.1 (January 7, 2015)

  • Source Code Viewer:
    • Cleaned up the Delphi/Pascal generated code. The new code will make better use of dynamic arrays and the SetLength() function.
    • Updated some internal logic so the window updates better - in particular, the vertical scroll bar.
  • The system will no longer display a syntax error if the user clicks "OK" on an incomplete shape. The shape will still be displayed in gray.
  • New shapes can be added by just clicking once on a line. Beforehand, the Add Shape window would only appear if the line was double-clicked or right-clicked. To edit a shape, you still need to couple click.
  • Changed some menu labels and tooltip labels.

Version 1.7 (January 2, 2015)

  • Language improvements:
    • Arrays can now be passed into functions. Function parameters were also updated to support this feature.
    • For Loops can now implement increasing and decreasing order. Beforehand, For Loops were restricted to increasing order.
    • Added two more trigonometric functions: arcsin() and arccos().
    • To work with arrays, the size() function was added. It returns the size (number of elements) of an array.
  • Source Code Viewer:
    • Added the Delphi / Pascal programming language.
    • Internal changes were made so blank lines are inserted far more logically than before. Basically, blank lines are inserted before a group of comments or after a group of declarations.
    • Added a button that allows you to disable the vertical padding on each line. Without it, the text is not as cosmetically appealing, but it is more condense.
    • Fixed a cosmetic bug in VBA generated code. Subs were being indented one level too many.
  • The Declare Shape was changed to make it easier to declare arrays. The old format had the user write a very "code-like" statement. The new version uses drop downs and should be more natural.
  • File format was updated to support the new features. The "fprg" file is compatible with older versions of Flowgorithm - although, naturally, the new features will not be present.
  • Made some minor modification to the error window.