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Revision History

Version 4.3 (June 16, 2024)

  • The Console Window will now be brought to the front after execution is complete.
  • Bash generated code was improved again. This time, arrays worked correctly.
  • Suppressed the "beep" that occurred when the user entered text in the Console Window.

Version 4.3 (June 12, 2024)

  • The toolbars were cosmetically changed. The min and max arrows now follow the color of the thumb bar. This makes them look better with different color themes.
  • Bash generated code, in the Source Code Viewer, was vastly improved.
  • Fixed a bug in Source Code Viewer. If clicking on a shape in the flowchart, the source code wasn't updating the screen.

Version 4.2 (May 9, 2024)

  • The Polish translation was updated. Special thanks to Tomasz Biliński.
  • The Italian translation was updated. Special thanks to Roberto Atzori.
  • The Pen Shape was added. This new shape allows the color, used to draw lines, to be changed for Turtle Graphics.
  • The Add Shape Pop-up Menu was updated. The extra shapes, used for Turtle Graphics and Files, were moved to the side. This makes the menu more compatible for larger scale modes.
  • The Change Translation window has new icons. The new icons are now simply based on the flags associated with the language. The ISO-2 language codes were removed. Also, the size of the images was increased.
  • The Copy-Cut and Attributes pop-up menus now use the toolbar colors. Beforehand, they used the same colors as the flowchart's background. This change was designed to make it easier to see the menus (since they have different color now).
  • The Turtle Graphics Window can now display text in Light Mode or Dark Mode. Before, it used colors based on the current color scheme.
  • Source Code Viewer:
    • NetRexx Programming Language was added. NetRexx is a variation of the classic Rexx Programming Language that is built upon the Java Virtual Machine. In other words, it has the simple and flexible syntax and semantics of Rexx yet providing the functionality of Java.
    • The programming language icons are now much larger and far easier to see.
    • Fixed mistake in Java generated code. The syntax for opening a file, in write mode, was incorrect. This was the result of a bad last-minute paste.
    • Fixed a minor GUI mistake. The graphic region, used to display the source code, wasn't extending to the scrollbar.

Version 4.1 (April 1, 2024)

  • The function keys (that open the Source Code Viewer, Console, Variable Watch and Turtle Graphics) are now usable everywhere.
  • The program will only be marked "changed" if the values in an shape edit window are changed. Before, anytime the user clicked "Ok", the program was marked as changed.
  • Fixed the translation for "Cancel" in the Italian Translation to be "Annulla". Special thanks to Alessandro Veronesi for letting me know.
  • Miscellaneous other minor changes.

Version 4.0.1 (January 10, 2024)

  • Fixed a rather careless bug that prevented the Brazilian Portuguese translation from being selected. Special thanks to Dr. João Paulo Lemos Escola for letting me know.

Version 4.0 (January 10, 2024)

  • New graphics engine. The new version takes up considerably less memory and renders images far faster. It might have a few bugs.
  • New Console Window. The new window more closely resembles an instant messenger window.
  • Added a new feature - Ignore Breakpoints. When selected, the system will not pause when a breakpoint is reached. This is designed to allow instructors to add breakpoints (both conditional and unconditional) so they can have the system pause at certain points. Rather than forcing the instructor to remove all breakpoints, they can simply run the program while ignoring them.
  • File IO now supports both simultaneous read and write. The Close Shape can now be double-clicked to change which channel will be closed.
  • Turtle Graphics
    • Added a new Turtle Graphics shape - Clear Screen. The shape is designed to resemble an eraser. It basically clears the graphics window and sets the Turtle to home at 90 degrees.
    • Added a new feature - Show Gridlines. The size of the grid is computed dynamically. Also, the size of the turtle is resized automatically. In the old version, it became infinitesimally small on large images.
    • Buffer size for Turtle Graphics was increased.
    • The Forward and Turn shapes now will flag an error if a non-number is used. This is a bug in version 3.5.1.
  • Color Schemes & Chart Styles
    • Color schemes now allow While, For, and Do shapes to have separate colors. Old color scheme files are compatible with Flowgorithm 4. Also, any saved color schemes will be compatible with Flowgorithm versions 3.5 and earlier.
    • The Color Scheme and Chart Style editors now prompt if you are cancelling a modified file.
    • The default Pastel Color theme was updated slightly.
    • New shapes were added to chart styles.
    • The Chart Style Editor and Color Scheme Editor windows were updated. They now contain Ok/Cancel buttons.
  • User Interface
    • The toolbars can be now hidden on each window. This is designed to give more screen real-estate - if the presenter needs it. This function is mapped to F1.
    • The menus have been reorganized.
    • The application now aggressively attempts to get into DPI Aware mode. Scaling at 100% was also fixed. This is a bug in in version 3.5.1.
    • The base monospace font was increased from 9pt to 10pt. This size before scaling.
    • The logic for clicking on shapes, and highlighting shapes, was improved.
    • The More/Less button on the Add Shape pop-up menu now follows the color theme.
    • Save Toolbar icon is only enabled if changes were made to the program.
    • Miscellaneous cosmetic changes. This includes a new icon for "Step" and rearrangement of data type radio buttons.

Version 3.5.1 (September 10, 2023)

  • Fixed a typo in the English translation. Special thanks to Thomas Takach for letting me know.
  • Multiple internal efficiently improvements.

Version 3.5 (August 8, 2023)

  • Source Code Viewer:
    • AutoHotKey Programming Language was added. This is a simple, yet eloquent, scripting language used for application automation.
    • Groovy Programming Language was added. This scripting language was developed by Apache.
    • Excel VBA was added. The generated code is designed to work with Excel Visual Basic for Applications.
    • Auto Pseudocode was improved.
    • Generated code now supports negated expressions using DeMorgan's Law. It will result in far more eloquent generated code for languages that have a Do-Loop that either breaks or uses Until. This includes: AppleScript, AutoHotKey, Bash, Groovy, Lua, MATLAB,  Nim, Python, and Transact-SQL.
    • The icon used for Auto Pseudocode was updated to match the "Change Translation" button on the main menu. So, now it emphasizes the code is based on the current world language.
  • The size of the buffer, used in the Turtle Graphics Window, can be changed in the Windows Registry.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • If a shape caused an error when Run was clicked (i.e. the shape is incomplete), the system wasn't ensuring the shape was visible.
    • There was a mistake in the Italian translation. "Output" was displayed if no newline was use. Special thanks to Roberto Novara for letting me know.
    • The Or Operator, in Bash Generated Code, wasn't displaying correctly.
    • The Source Code Viewer language drop-down menu occasionally rendered incorrect on right-to-left languages such as Hebrew, Persian (Farsi), and Arabic.
    • The Source Code Viewer language drop-down menu wasn't updating the button colors if the color scheme was changed (while the Source Code Viewer was open).

Version 3.4.2 (March 12, 2023)

  • Flowgorithm can now read files that contain extended Unicode characters (e.g. emojis). Beforehand, the system would raise an error.
  • The Kotlin Programming Language is now supported by the Source Code Viewer.
  • The language icons used in the Source Code Viewer were improved. In particular, they shouldn't be "cut off" on the bottom.
  • Made some changes to Java generated code.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Source Code Viewer wasn't converting the expressions on Write Shapes.
    • In the Source Code Viewer, if a custom program template was loaded, the screen wasn't being updated (until the window was resized).
    • C# generated code, in the Source Code Viewer, used the wrong data type name for Boolean.

Version 3.4.1 (January 9, 2023)

  • The Auto Layout will only resize the Main Editor Window if (a) there are more than one open window or (b) a window closes. Beforehand, it would resize the main window anytime the program was executed.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Sometimes the application was interpreting a number incorrectly on different cultural settings (using a comma rather than a period to represent the decimal point). The system is now locked completely into the computer science period notation.
    • The Console Window was causing a crash if minimized.

Version 3.4 (January 5, 2023)

  • Console Window was cosmetically improved.
    • The 'Enter' button is now smaller and contains a mouse-over tooltip.
    • The bottom input box and button will now appear correctly on the right-to-left languages.
  • The contextual pop-up menus (such as the Add Shape Menu) were improved. Before, when the pop-ups were deselected, the main window would drop in the Z-Order.
  • Multiple monitors
    • When using multiple monitors (with an extended desktop), the pop-up menus (Add Shape, Copy, etc....) will now appear on the correct monitor.
    • The Auto Layout feature will select the monitor that contains the main window. The other windows should now resize properly to it.
  • Colors
    • Added an "Apply Color Scheme to All Windows" button to the main toolbar and the main menu. This will allow users to quickly toggle between these two options.
    • The toolbar icons used to represent colors were updated.
    • The file icons for color schemes were also updated.
  • A "local clipboard" was added. Beforehand, the system always used the Windows clipboard. Unfortunately, through emulation, it doesn't always work. So, the local clipboard will be used in this case. This is invisible to users.
  • Flowgorithm can now read files that contain extended Unicode characters (e.g. emojis). Beforehand, the system would raise an error.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug in the Source Code Viewer. The C++ generated code was incorrect for passing arrays as a function argument. Special thanks to Thomas Takach for reporting it.
    • Fixed a few mistranslations for Polish. Special thanks to Tomasz Biliński for reporting it.
    • Fixed a few mistranslations for Portuguese. Special thanks to Nuno Queirós Rodrigues for reporting it.
    • Fixed a input flaw in the Console Window. It was possible to enter a real number for an integer variable (and the variable would act like a real).

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