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You can also download all the color schemes in one zip file. Color schemes can be dragged and dropped onto the application.

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Fun Color Schemes

Winter Holidays


Computer Science




Science Fiction

Movies & Television

Harry Potter

These color schemes play homage to the fantastic Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling. 

"Blast to the Past" Themes

Classic Video Games

Classic Computers

  • Altair 8088
    The blue/gray of the first microcomputer
  • Atari 400
    The colors of a very interesting keyboard
  • Commodore 64
    The original "breadbox" design of this legendary computer
  • HP Calculator
    The classic orange, blue and brown.
  • IMSAI 8080
    The pleasant blue/red/gray of the IMSAI.
  • NES
    The famous Nintendo Entertainment System.
  • PDP 8/e
    The orange/yellow of the first minicomputer
  • Sinclair ZX
    An incredibly small and affortable computer

Classic Operating Systems & Interfaces

 Past Decades