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Intrinsic Functions


Function Description Version Added
Abs(n) Absolute Value  
Arcsin(n) Trigonometric Arcsine 1.7
Arccos(n) Trigonometric Arccos 1.7
Arctan(n) Trigonometric Arctangent  
Cos(n) Trigonometric Cosine  
Int(n) Integer of a real number  
Log(n) Natural Log  
Log10(n) Log Base 10  
Sgn(n) Mathematical sign (-1 if n is negative, 0 if zero, 1 if positive)  
Sin(n) Trigonometric Sine  
Sqrt(n) Square Root  
Tan(n) Trigonometric Tangent  


Function Description
Len(s) Length of a string
Char(s, i) Returns a character from the string s at index i. Characters are indexed starting at 0.

Data Type Conversion

Function Description Version Added
ToChar(n) Convert a character code n into a character 1.5
ToCode(c) Convert a character c into a character code (integer). 1.8
ToFixed(r, i) Convert real number r to a string with i digits after the decimal point. 1.8
ToInteger(n) Convert a string to an integer  
ToReal(n) Convert a string to an real  
ToString(n) Convert a number to a string  


Function Description Version Added
Random(n) A random number between 0 and (n - 1)  
Size(a) The size (number of elements) in an array 1.7