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Basic File Format

Most applications save data in a complex binary file where the contents are seldom published. Often this does make sense given that the data is complex and techniques, such as compression, are used to minimalize the file size.

Programs in Flowgorithm are quite simple. There is no large data elements that need compression nor are there different types of data to be stored. It's a simple program - just like anything written in Java, C#, etc... So, rather than having complex binary files, files will be easy to read and port to other systems. The idea is that programs "written" using this application can be easily used by third-party tools. To accomplish this, files will be stored in simple XML.


Given the following program...

The program will be saved using the following format:

Sample File
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<flowgorithm fileversion="2.9">
        <attribute name="name" value="Age"/>
        <attribute name="authors" value="Devin Cook"/>
        <attribute name="about" value="A simple example of an If Statement">
        <attribute name="saved" value="1/7/2015 11:27:10 PM"/>
    <function name="Main" type="None" variable="">
            <declare name="age" type="Integer" array="False" size=""/>
            <output expression="&quot;Please enter your age&quot;" newline="true"/>
            <input variable="age"/>
            <if expression="age >= 21">
                    <output expression="&quot;Kegger!&quot;" newline="true"/>
                    <output expression="&quot;Milk!&quot;" newline="true"/>