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Revision History

Version 2.4.3 (March 18, 2017)

  • Fixed a bug in C# generated code. The generated source code uses 'boolean' rather than 'Boolean'. Special thanks to Jeffrey Burton.

Version 2.4.2 (March 18, 2017)

  • Fixed a bug in Python generated code. The bug affected For Loops. Special thanks to Dave Braunschweig.

Version 2.4.1 (March 17, 2017)

  • Fixed a minor bug that caused the Function Dropdown to flicker when the language was set to Thai.

Version 2.4 (March 17, 2017)

  • The modulo operator (mod, %) is now restricted to positive integers. Different programming languages treat negative integers differently - some inheriting the negative sign from the dividend and others the divisor. This can cause issues with code generation.
  • The Console Window and the ToReal() intrinsic function will now accept commas as the decimal-point. Beforehand, the system would only accept the period for (for ToReal) and either a comma or period in the Console Window. To make the output consistent, the system will always use the international notation - the period.
  • The main toolbar was updated. The icon for Clear Breakpoint was removed and replaced with an icon for Layout Windows.
  • When a shape is edited, the system now clears the selection. This will allow the user to see the shape change from gray (incomplete) to color.
  • Source Code Viewer:
    • Improved Java generated code. In particular, the Scanner library is only included if needed.
    • Fixed a major bug that caused the application to crash if a new Input Shape added.
    • Fixed For Loops in Python. For loops use the range() to create a series of values. However, this does not include the ending value. Special thanks to Paul Gardner.
    • Fixed the generated input functions for VBA. The name "input" conflicts with a reserved word. Special thanks to Roberto Atzori.
    • Cleaned up the IBO Pseudocode.
  • Fixed a minor display bug that occurred when a new function was added. The screen was not updating the alignment - so the new function was being left-aligned rather than centered.
  • Fixed some translation errors (that I made). Special thanks to Roberto Atzori.
  • Fixed a formatting bug in the Console Window. When the information was displayed in simple text, it was not being aligned correctly.

Version 2.3.1 (March 9, 2017)

  • Fixed a minor bug with the colors displayed in the Console Window.

Version 2.3 (March 8, 2017)

  • Added support for Arabic - Thanks to Amr Ibrahim Khudair
  • Added support for Slovenian - Thanks to Gregor Anželj
  • The application can now support right-to-left languages. This required extensive testing and some major internal changes. Special thanks to Amr Ibrahim Khudair for all his help.
  •  Added IBO Pseudocode to the Source Code Viewer. 
  • Flowcharts are now centered in the window. Beforehand, the flowcharts would always start left-aligned.
  • Resizing the main window works far better now. This was an oversight on my part.
  • The scaling of the flowchart works better now.
  • Fixed a bug with the ToInteger() and ToReal() instrinsic functions. They were not allowing the dash "-" used to denote negative numbers. Thanks to Roberto Atzori for reporting this.
  • The icon on the "Enter" button in the Console Window was changed.

Version 2.2 (October 13, 2016)

  • Added support for Turkish - Thanks to Cafer Usta
  • Added support for Mongolian - Thanks to Tuvshinbayar Amarsaikhan
  • The Italian translation was improved. As new features were added to Flowgorithm, I manually translated new fields. However, some were not accurate. Thanks to Roberto Atzori for his help.
  • The Export to Vector tool was improved. In particular, Scalable Vector Graphics files will now work better on many websites and applications. Beforehand, text was aligned vertically using the "alignment-baseline" attribute. However, not all applications support it. So, text is now manually aligned.
  • Fixed a bug that affected internal lookup tables. It affected Turkish-language computers.

Version 2.1.2 (October 3, 2016)

  • The Print feature now uses generated EMF files. The resulting documents will print quicker and will be higher quality.
  • In the last two updates, the size of the text on the Error Window was too small. I''ve restored the original appearance.

Version 2.1.1 (September 30, 2016)

  • Enhanced the Most Recently Used (MRU) file list. If a file is not found, it will be removed from the list.
  • The MRU will now only be saved to the user's local settings.
  • Fixed a minor bug in EMF exported files. The character width of the ampersand (&) was not being measured correctly.

Version 2.1 (September 27, 2016)

  • Added support for Polish - Thanks to R. Robert Gajewski
  • Added support for Thai - Thanks to Pongsathorn Sraouthai (พงศธรณ์ สระอุทัย)
  • Added a Most Recently Used (MRU) file list.
  • The Print Window now displays the printing status on the main status bar (rather than a local one).
  • Updated the EMF files created by the Export to Vector utility. They should print better than before.

Version 2.0.2 (August 16, 2016) - Bug fix

  • Fixed a bug that occurred when a variable was assigned data that is incompatible with its data type (basic type mismatch). The system wasn't properly treating it as an error.

Version 2.0.1 (August 4, 2016) - Minor update

  • Translations:
    • Updated the Hungarian translation.
    • Fixed a flaw in the British English translation.
  • Fixed a bug in the Source Code Viewer for C++ generated code.
  • The Console window now displays a message if a Breakpoint is reached.
  • Made some configuration changes to improve installation.
  • Some minor cosmetic changes.

Version 2.0 (August 2, 2016) 

  • Added a new shape: Breakpoint
    • The new shape is available from the Add Shape pop-up menu. It acts as the same as the breakpoint feature found in most IDEs.
    • Add a "Remove Breakpoints" icon to the main toolbar.
    • File format was updated. The "fileversion" now displays "2.0" rather than "1.7". This is based on that fact that newer programs can save the <breakpoint/> tag. This won't be a problem for older versions of Flowgorithm. They were designed to simply ignore unrecognized tags. So, if a program (that contains breakpoints) is opened in a older version, they will simply be absent.
  • Easy right-clicking shapes. Single shapes can be simple clicked and cut/copy/pasted. This is a highly requested feature.
  • Added buttons the Edit Function window that allows parameters to be reordered.
  • New graphics library! The graphics engine was completely rewritten using a new design. 
    • Shapes appear better - especially the curved edges used by the terminal shape.
    • Faster
    • Arrows now display a fine tip (the arrow heads are triangles). This will be apparent when the flowcharts are displayed in high resolution.
    • Mouse-overs highlight the entire line. Beforehand, it only highlighted the top or bottom half of the line.
  • Miscellaneous improvements
    • Add Shape popup menu displays much, much better.
    • Auto scrolling works much better (and is much faster).
    • Layout Windows received some minor aesthetic improvements.
    • New message dialog windows. The new windows use custom icons (information, questions, etc...). Also, the buttons are now translated.
  • Colors & Styles
    • New color scheme: Magic. This color scheme is a homage to Harry Potter. It uses the 4 house colors, the Sorting Hat, and snow/Hedwig/Buckbeak.
    • New color scheme: Traffic. This color scheme is based on colors used in traffic signs. It was inspired by the new breakpoint shape (which is an octagon).
    • Some of the other color schemes were tweaked slightly.
    • The Add Shape popup menu shows the "hover" effect using the a new color. Before, it was always using the menu label color.
    • Added a new chart style: Blocks. The style only uses the rectangle shape.
  • New: Export to Scalable Vector Graphics. Flowcharts can now be exported to Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) and Enhanced Metafiles (EMF).

Version 1.12.1 (May 8, 2016) 

  • Updated the language icons. I was displaying them in 8-bit rather than 32-bit. They should look much nicer now.
  • Added the current language to the status bar of the main window. This was designed to make it easy for someone, who doesn't understand the current displayed language, change it. I didn't include the flag image. The flag is designed to help the user locate the correct icon, but seems a tad unnecessary on the main window.
  • In the Export Image window, the margin (in pixels) inputbox was changed to a combobox. The user can enter any value they want, but it has the most common ones available on the drop down list.
  • The visual styles manifest was removed from the installation script. This was originally added so the tile background would not appear red in Windows 8.1. However, the issue became moot with the release of Windows 10.
  • Bug fixes:
    • The Print Windows wasn't showing its progress in its status bar.
    • The Export Image Window wasn't showing updates in its status bar.

Version 1.12 (March 30, 2016) 

  • Added support for Russian - Thanks to Olga Cooke.
  • Updated the generated C++ code to use the vector template.
  • Fixed a translation error in Galician. This was completely my fault.

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